About Me

Hi, I am Feriha Essen, The Founder of We Healthy Choice.

A warm welcome to my blog to all the fitness lovers. This is Feriha Essen, graduate of Engineering and Technology. I have always had a passion for health and fitness.

As I completed my studies, I thought sharing my views, research and ideas on health and fitness with the world through my health blog. I want to encourage and motivate people towards healthy lifestyle.
Readers can feel free to ask any query related to fitness by mailing me via Contact form or Email. I will be happy to answer your queries.

About This Blog

wehealthychoice.com is a platform for general information purpose that may contain an affiliate advertisement program about health, latest products, entertainment and gadgets info. The vast majority of the items shared on we healthy choice depend on the learning, encounters and master counsel.

It does unbiased reviews and provides authentic information as we believe in sharing the content with Integrity, honesty and best of reader’s interest.

We really do give some outside references to certain products and links to those products on this site that we will earn a small affiliate commission for any purchases you make. But we will share only those products which are tried or utilized by me or some other blog experts.

We have never taken part in elevating any items to get cash. In any case, if there is any affiliate or sponsored posts in the future, then readers will be notified for the self-decision purpose.

Here I can guarantee my website visitor that we post, review, sponsor only those products that we believe that we already have expertise on that product.

But still, we urge our website visitors or readers to verify that service from the actual manufacturer or service providers, as wehealthychoice can only guide on what is appropriate and best. But the ultimate decision should be yours and only yours.

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