5 Myths About Psoriasis You Need to Stop Believing

5 Myths About Psoriasis You Need to Stop Believing

Psoriasis is a chronic condition that can cause extreme discomfort and embarrassment. It can affect the joints, nails, ears, and even the eyes.

Psoriasis Is Just a Skin Condition

Myth 1

Contrary to popular belief, psoriasis is not caused by dirt or grime but rather a malfunction in our immune system. 

Psoriasis Is Caused by Poor Hygiene

Myth 2

For most people, there are a number of treatments available. It's important to work with your doctor and dermatologist to find the right approach for you

There's No Way to Treat Psoriasis

Myth 3

National Psoriasis Foundation recommends psoriasis patients do 30 min mild to moderate exercise at least five times a week.

People With Psoriasis Shouldn't Exercise

Myth 4

Psoriasis isn't considered a life-threatening and curable disease but is treatable. With proper treatment and management

Psoriasis Isn't Serious

Myth 5